All Hindu Religious Services Performed at Home and Community along with Astrology Services .

Welcome to Vedic Temple Of Virginia (SatyaNarayana Temple). The Vedic Temple of Virginia is the first Hindu Temple started in Northern Virginia as a place to Worship all Hindu dieties and a spiritual resource for the Hindu Community living in the Surrounding areas. The following puja services are available from the Temple currently. Please contact the Temple Manager to schedule a puja. We encourage everyone in the community to support our temple through regular puja sponsorships. Please come and join us to enjoy Gods bliss...

Please click on any Child Services from the list below, to see details of each Puja performed at the temple.

Temple will be provide NAVADHANYA materials.


Puja Description
CHILD FIRST YEAR Ceremony is performed immediately after the birth of the child.
NAMAKARNAM The ceremony of naming a child.
AKSHARA ABHYASAM On this auspicious occasion of Ma Sarasvati puja, give your children three gifts which will help them through out their life.
ANNA PRASANAM This is the ceremony for the first feeding of cooked rice.
UPANAYANAM Upanayana is initiation into the brahmacharyasrama and is the purvanga of student bachelor-hood.
HAIR OFFERING This ceremony of the first tonsure is to be performed in the third year of the male child.
PUMSAVANAM Ceremony for begetting a male child.
PUNYAHAVACHANAM AND NAMAKARANAM This is a simple ceremony in which the child is given a name.
SEEMANTHAM Religious Baby Shower ceremony.