Akshara Abhyasam

It is very auspicious to do abhishekam to Goddess Saraswathi before doing Aksharabyasam. On this auspicious occasion of Ma Sarasvati puja, give your children three gifts which will help them through out their life. One is the Ganesh Mantra, second is the Guru Mantra and the third one is the Sarasvati Mantra.

Ganesh takes away and stops all obstacles in all our endeavours. He is the first one in the order of worship. His bij or seed syllable is gam like we utter the gum in chewing gum.

The Mantra is Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

The Second in the order of daily worship is the Guru Vandana. Guru is the dispeller of darkness. He removes darkness and brings light to the knowledge area. Guru is the via media to reach god safely and quickly, as he guides us carefully. Gum is bij or the seed syllable for Guru Mantra. It is uttered as gu for guru plus m.

The mantra is Om Gum Gurave Namaha

The third in the order of worship for children is Sarasvati and her Bij is aim. Sarasvati is the adhikarini for gnanam and kala (knowledge and arts). She makes her worshipper shine with brilliance.

The Mantra is Om Aim Sarasvatyai Namaha

Teach them these mantras and ask them to recite each mantra for a minimum of 12 times to a maximum of 27 times initially. If they show interest, ask them to increase the same to 108 on holidays. Talk to the children sweetly and convincingly that these letters and words have power and therefore if they would do it with single minded faith they will achieve their goals in their studies and arts.

Required Materials:
Turmeric powder
1 Packet
1 Packet
Sandalwoodpaste / Powder
1 Packet
Agarbathi /Incense sticks
1 Packet
Betel Leaves and Nuts
4 bunches
coins ( quarters )
12 Bananas & 5 Variety fruits- 5 fruits for each variety
Devotees choice
New dress for Baby
1 Packet
Slate and pencil
1 Set
5 Lbs
Other Pooja Materials from Home :

* Deepam ( Lamp ), Oil, Match Box, Cotton Wicks

* Kalasam, Panchapatra and Uddharini, Small Trays 2 nos.

* Big Trays 2 nos., Small Cups 5 nos.

* Asirvada New Dresses, Blankets 2 Nos. (For guest Seating)

* Paper Napkins and Paper Plates (sufficient quantities)

* Aluminium Foil.