Ayushya Homam

Ayushya homam is done to worship the god of life (Ayur Devatha ). By doing this homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha.

Sage Bodhayana explains Ayushya homam in the Bodhayana sutras.

According to him, if a child is constantly ill, this homam could be performed on a monthly basis till the child attains good health. But in general practice, this is performed once a year on the day of the star in which the child is born. It is started on the day the child completes one year of age.

In case one is unable to perform it on this day, it should be done on the consecutive month. It may be done even on a monthly basis.

When to Perform & Benefits by Ayushya Hooms You will need to perform this homam on the Star (Nakshaktra) birth date of the child. It is very important that you do it on the first birth day. Optionally, you can perform it on the other birthdays too.

By performing the Ayushya homa, the evil effects caused by tithi [day of the fortnightly], vara [day of the week], nakshatra [star] are eradicated. It bestows longevity, and good health.
Required Materials:

Turmeric Powder
1 Packet
1 Packet
Sandalwood Paste / Powder
1 Packet
Incense sticks
1 Packet
1 Packet
4 Bunches
12 Bananas & 5 Variety fruits- 5 fruits for each variety
Betel leaves and nuts
15 + 15
Dry Coconut (whole)
5 Lbs
Kalas Vastram
1 Towel or 2 Yards fabric
Coins (quarters)
Devotees choice
1 Pound
Sugar candy (Kalakanda)
1 Packet
Rice (Cooked)
1 Cup
Navadhanya ( 9 Grains ) 2 lb of each explained in each of the following languages

English Kannada Telugu Tamil
Wheat Suji Godi Godumulu Goduma
Rice Akki Beeyamu Arisi
Thoor Dal Thogari Bele Kandi Pappu Thuvaram Paruppu
Moong Dal Hesaru Bele Peraru Pappu Pasi Paruppu
Chana Dal Kaddale Senagalu Kondai Kadala
Rajma Aura Bele Chikudu Pappu Mochha Kottai
Sesame Yeilu Nuvullu Yellu
Urud Dal Uddin Bele Nalla Minumulu Pappu Ulutham
Horse Gram Hurli Ullavalu Kollu
Other Pooja Materials from Home :

* Deepam (Lamp), Oil, MatchBox, Cotton Wicks.

* Kalasam, Panchapatra and Uddharini, Small Trays 2 nos.

* Big Trays 2 nos, Small Cups 5 nos.

* Asirvada New Dresses, Blankets 2 nos (For Guest Seating).

* Paper Napkins and paper Plates (Sufficient quantities).

* Aluminium Foil.